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A place to find what you are looking for – Džinsu bāze

Džinsu bāze is a new concept store that offers high-quality, attractive and affordable clothing for women and men. It’s a place to find exactly what you’re looking for and at pocketbook-friendly price! Clothing is imported from countries such as China, Turkey, Poland, Thailand and Germany; therefore, the pleasant prices and variety of goods will be able to satisfy even the most demanding buyers. Our team consists of professional and kind sales-consultants and sewers who will recommend, offer and design exactly what you are looking for, but if the chosen model is too long, the Džinsu bāze will shorten the trousers for free. The whole service is organized so that the client leaves the store satisfied with both the purchase and the attitude of the employees and would also like to buy the next piece of clothing directly from us!

Džinsu bāze can dress both women and men. We offer a wide range of men’s clothing, including shirts, jackets, pants, jeans and, also, a variety of accessories to match any style from head to heels. The clothing offer of Džinsu bāze is very wide, as well as the number of sizes is pleasing. We can dress men from size 29 to size 56, and as mentioned above, if you choose pants that suit your height and wishes, but are too long, we will shorten them completely for free! In the men’s clothing accessories area, you will find high-quality cotton underwear: classic underwear, boxer shorts and undershirts. We also offer men’s t-shirts made in Turkey with both V-neck and round neckline, as well as polo shirts, which will be a great image-forming element, both in daily life and on holidays.

Although sometimes it seems that men are more modest in their choice of clothes than women, this is not the case of our store. Men are clearly able to define what they want and, when choosing, pay the most attention to even the smallest details. For example, there is a group of men who need four pockets with simulated denim buffies on the front of the trousers, but there are those who do not need pockets and extra design elements at all. We, as the leaders of low-price fashion in Latvia, are pleased that there are attractive and self-confident men. Džinsu bāze offers men’s clothing with and without buttons, zippers, pockets, with and without buffies, classic blue, light blue or black jeans, Slim, Super Slim and straight pants and much more. Everyone can choose the most suitable clothes and accessories. We also understand that “time is money”, so we offer the help of professional consultants in finding the right size and model, which will help the client to choose clothes successfully, profitably and in a relatively short period of time. Because a satisfied man is a successful man.

Also, Džinsu bāze has not forgotten about the fair sex. We are proud to offer a wide variety of women’s clothing that will be able to delight the lover of any style. Džinsu bāze includes also women’s clothing from sizes 25 to 56. In our store you will find jeans with low, medium and high waist, slim type, straight type, classic type and bridge type pants. Usually, when a woman wears new pants, it is noticed by many, as they cover the most part of a woman’s body. When choosing the right model, which should be not only modern, but also comfortable and suitable for the specific woman, it is important that the store has something to choose from. That’s why the Džinsu bāze’s assortment is supplemented at least once a month, and women’s shelves have clothes for every taste. You will find not only jeans, but also denim shirts with a collar with both long and short sleeves, which will highlight the charming women shapes and give a twist to a modern look. Our clothes are not only beautiful and affordable, but also functional and comfortable, as our jeans contain Elastane. This means that when washing clothes, it will not shrink, and even after repeated washing will look like new.

Women’s clothing of Džinsu bāze can impress, pleasantly surprise with prices and quality. Our mission is to give women the opportunity to look exactly the way they want; within a budget they can afford. High-quality and beautiful product at an affordable price – what more can a woman want!

As mentioned above, our team is complemented by a team of professional and responsible sewers who repair and create clothing the way our customers want to see it. If the client’s chosen denim model is too long, then we will shorten the trouser legs for free. We also offer all kinds of clothing repair – from sewing to changing the zipper and coat lining. We can be proud that we are able to provide quality full clothing repair at affordable prices. The price range varies from 1 euro to 30 euros, depending on the volume and complexity of the work. You can entrust your clothes to our employees, and they will do the work to the highest quality standards and on time, agreed with the customer. We also offer sewing services, which means that if you have imagined how your summer skirt might look like or the idea of an ideal wedding dress, but you can’t find it in the stores, then our responsive and competent sewers will design and sew unique dream clothes just for you. Denim Warehouse is glad and proud of its long experience in repairing and sewing clothes, and the clients who always appreciate the work and come back again and again knowing that this is the place where take care of both clothes and purse, without asking more than the work invested.

Džinsu bāze is a place where you can find, fall in love, feel special, and get all at affordable prices. Our company can provide good quality and variety at reasonable prices. Whatever the customer chooses – to buy or repair clothes, we know that the feeling of satisfaction with the offer, service and prices will not leave the client for long time.

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