As the seasons change, the choice of clothes and change of wardrobe always becomes relevant. When we go shopping, we like to be able to go to a place where there are different, combinable clothes in one place, to buy not only pants or jackets, but to immediately combine a certain style and image. At the “Džinsu bāze” store, you’ll find a wide variety of clothing, including jackets, jeans, T-shirts and even little things like socks to find everything you need in one place.

When choosing clothes, both their appearance and comfort are always important to us. Clothes that suit your friend will not always suit you, so everyone must find their own style and the most suitable clothes. For example, there may be pants that initially look unsuitable, but when combined with the right T-shirt or jacket, look great. Be sure to also pay attention to the colors, how they match and fit. Denim pants are usually easy to combine with other clothes, but the chosen trouser cut must be taken into account. For example, consider whether you wear tight or wide pants, and what style of top will suit them best.

The “Džinsu bāze” offers a very wide selection of short-sleeved shirts for men and women, with different necklines and colors. There are people who fit T-shirts with round collars, while others look much better polo-type or V-neck shirts. Which T-shirts to buy is also largely determined by what you plan to wear with that shirt – whether you wear shorts or pants, or whether you plan to wear a jacket and other aspects. Therefore, shirts are similar to trousers – whether the T-shirt will look good on you is largely determined by other garments in your style. You can also choose T-shirts according to colors, prints and fabric thickness. Denim base is a place where T-shirts can be found in a very wide selection.

T-shirts, especially white shirts with prints, are perfectly highlighted by matching denim jackets and overcoats. If you have found a T-shirt that you like and fit, be sure to try on one of the jackets as well to immediately understand what this T-shirt looks like with denim jackets, fabric jackets or thin windbreakers. As the seasons and the clothes you choose change, it is important to understand whether this T-shirt will look good even in cold weather, in combination with jackets and sweaters.
If pants, shirts and jackets are chosen, then all you have to do is choose socks and you have completed your style! Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment in a clothing store trying to put on clothes you may have never worn. Take the great opportunity to try different styles, putting it on and judging if it suits you. Maybe through such experiments you will find pants or a jacket that will refresh your image and help you look even better than before!

When choosing clothes, one should take into account not only the current fashion and the style observed on the back of others, but also the outline of one’s height, hair color and lifestyle. Clothing is not only for warmth, it also affects our well-being, self-esteem and mood. If we feel comfortable and good in our clothes, it improves work ability and energy! Therefore, be sure not to choose clothes that do not suit you, and do not buy the first shirt or jacket you see. Give yourself time to look and evaluate your clothes so that what you see in the mirror will satisfy you completely. Clothes bought in a hurry and without trying become clothes that we rarely wear, while carefully selected and selected sets of clothes become the favorite choice of clothes in everyday life.