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Jeans for everyday and holidays

Practically nobody can know what is now in fashion, as every day brings something new. If wide pants and a shiny shirt are fashionable for one month then, most likely, classic-style jeans and a light, ascetic blouse will become trendy for the next month. How you look daily, at work, on the road or on a friend’s anniversary depends solely on you. But how to combine everything properly and to feel comfortable and beautiful, these and other fashion guidelines can be found in magazines, on the Internet or in the blogger articles. That is why we, Džinsu bāze, will touch on the topic of the jeans in our daily lives and holidays. Here we will discuss the main clothing fashion trends and combination of denim clothing.

Jeans is a very durable cotton fabric invented by Jacob Davis in the late 19th century. Most of this clothing were designed for workers to keep the fabric abrasion-resistant during their work and to withstand various environmental conditions. Nowadays, we can find denim almost anywhere: in pants, shirts, jackets, bags and even hair clips. It can be both a key element in creating the overall image and a pleasant accessory to highlight the overall look.

People, nowadays, got used to jeans. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, cuts and variations. In everyday life we used to blue jeans with slight buffies, as well as supplemented with different types of metal studs. It is recommended to wear this type of pants daily or, in combination with a classic style blouse, at some cocktail party. By dressing like this, it is guaranteed that the visual image of the person will be complete, appealing and comfortable. This type of clothing will be flexible, you will feel and move freely, and it will also give you the necessary touch to be noticed.

If you have job interview or any other business meeting in near future, then we recommend choosing black classic or Slim cut jeans without additional shiny elements together with a white blouse, top or t-shirt with long sleeves. This overall image will demonstrate that you are serious about the occasion and want to make a good impression. Jeans also can sometimes make you feel more comfortable than classic style cotton pants; and this is very important. Most seriously organized and planned meetings are full of excitement and uncertainty about the outcome. That is why it is very important to feel comfortable – so that clothes are not a distraction during the meeting.

Your birthday is approaching, and you have no idea for a party?! How about a country-style party with denim “dress code” for both women and men? This idea will not disappoint, because anyone will be able to find something to put on and that will suit everyone. We can find dark blue jeans with the same color denim blouse with press studs on the fastener and collar for this style. Also, by choosing the blouse with long sleeves, it will be possible to vary it by covering the whole arm in colder weather and omit three-quarters of the length of the arm if it gets warmer. However, if you want something completely elegant and unique, then we recommend paying attention to denim dresses for women and shorts for men in the clothing store. You won’t find such look often in everyday life and a woman will be able to feel elegant, but men – comfortable and relaxed in shorts. Such clothes are mostly chosen for parties during the warm season of the year, but it is not forbidden to please yourself with something very special even in the cool months of the year. Of course, to further enhance the overall image, we recommend adding a denim accessory, there are lots of them nowadays. Hip bags, hair bands, cowboy hats etc. It all depends on each person’s wishes and financial capabilities.

Like ordinary fashion, denim fashion has changed and developed through years. In the early days of denim clothing, the fabric was firm, thick and uniform. It mainly had functional properties, but the appearance and overall image were secondary. Nowadays, denim fabric is rarely used for work clothes, in the fields of activity related to dirt and the possibility of getting dirty, but it is very popular for everyday clothes (meeting friends, relaxing in the countryside and visiting relatives in the city). Denim clothing is open to the changes, it can be “very friendly” with other fabrics and revolutionary changes in the fashion industry. By this we mean that if the denim contains at least 2% of Elastane, then the clothes, immediately, become more yielding to the body, it will withstand repeated washing, and look great in the end. Thus, allowing the person to be more active in their daily life, as well as the waist stays in place without sliding down, so the person can choose to use the belt or not. With the revolutionary change in fashion, we thought that denim clothing is one of the first types of clothing that is used in the reusable clothing industry. Something brand new and unique can be designed by using several pieces of old denim clothing. Nowadays, used and recycled denim style enters the market, allowing you to see denim clothing in a completely different light. Denim clothing is easy to maintain, detergents perfectly clean it, so even grass stains on the trouser knees will disappear. Denim is a great investment in the near and distant future.

Clothing fashion has been flowing and developing through the centuries; something has been added and something has disappeared. Jeans have proven themselves steadily since their invention. Jeans have found their place under the world fashion icons and will stay there. Jeans, blouses, skirts, shorts, jackets and even coats are trendy, beautiful and functional. They allow you to feel beautiful, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. This outfit can be combined perfectly with clothes of various other materials and look elegant on both women and men. So, go on, it’s time for jeans! Open your closet, and if you don’t find anything suitable there, then visit us at Džinsu bāze, and believe us, we will find and leave a stunning impression that jeans can be a part of daily life of any style lover.

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