Jeans for men

Jeans for men is one of the favorite pieces of clothing. These are versatile pants that can be used for both work and leisure, and, when properly combined with shirts and accessories, even for festive events. That’s what men like – simple, practical and versatile clothes that need little space in the closet, and not spending a lot of time in the morning thinking about what to wear. In addition, jeans look great on any man’s body, if the right size and cut is found.

Jeans primarily influenced men’s world fashion, as they were associated with work, masculine strength and endurance. Only later, when jeans became more and more popular, they conquered the women’s fashion industry. Now, more than 100 years after the invention of jeans, we can no longer imagine our daily lives without this practical and durable fabric.

When choosing jeans, it is important for men to have exactly what they need in the available range. Usually men come to the store to buy jeans of a specific look and size, which have become their favorite pants and avoiding exploring the full range. That’s why, our company “Džinsu bāze” is an ideal place for purchase, because we have not only jeans for all tastes, but also very kind employees who will help you quickly find what you are looking for.

However, if you have time and opportunity, we recommend staying at Džinsu bāze to explore other denim options, because sometimes a common model is not always the best choice. There are different styles for each body type, and the range is supplemented with new cuts, colors and variations every year.

With the growing popularity of jeans, different types of jeans have been developed: 

  • “Skinny” trousers have very close-fitting and are suitable for people with a skinny body. As these pants are very close-fitting, they are not comfortable to move, but they look great with the right accessories and on the right body.
  • “Slim” type pants – they are slightly wider and looser than “skinny” pants, perfectly highlight long, straight legs. 
  • Straight-cut or “straight” trousers, which are much looser than narrow, especially popular among classic style lovers. They give a slimming look and look good on wide shoulder owners and gentlemen with a thick physique. 
  • Trousers with narrow ends – a great solution for matching pants with different shoes. 
  • Pants with wider ends – a popular style for older men, easily adjustable to the boots, because the ends cover the boot-top. Especially suitable for men with wide shoulders.
  • Wide-cut jeans are especially comfortable for movement and work. 

Jeans for men are imported from different countries – China, Turkey, Poland and Thailand, providing democratic prices, a wide selection and good quality. When choosing pants, make sure whether they are comfortable and fit you. Also, evaluate whether the new jeans will fit the rest of your wardrobe. For example, there are denim styles that look perfect with T-shirts, others look better with sweaters or shirts. Being aware of your style, choose the most appropriate jeans, but if you discover a brand-new image at our store, you will also find stylish jackets, shirts and much more in the Džinsu bāze

Jeans for men are in high demand, so they must be in every gentleman’s closet. Thanks to the large range, we provide the lowest prices in Riga, providing the opportunity to buy good-looking clothes at very good prices. Džinsu bāze  is a great place for jeans lovers who want good prices and great service.