Jeans for women

If we look at what clothes ladies choose, then jeans for women is one of the most popular choices. You can find them in every closet. They are especially popular as they are not only comfortable, but also can be perfectly combined with other clothes, shoes and accessories. Almost any shoes and blouse fit with beautiful jeans!

The wide jeans assortment available in our store “Džinsu bāze” is an opportunity to find the right jeans for every woman, regardless of height, shape and taste. Every woman’s figure is different, but by choosing the right cut, you can highlight exactly what is needed – legs, waist or hips. Choosing the right jeans will make them look great on any woman.

If you have wide hips, straight jeans will give your body extra slimness, and if you are tall, then slim fit jeans will also look great. Depending on the shape, jeans can both visually lengthen and shorten the body. You can also choose jeans with a high waist to get slim look and visually lengthen the legs. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose the right cut and width to improve movement comfort. In addition, although the blue jeans are the most popular, we offer also jeans of other colors to refresh your wardrobe with new tones.

When choosing jeans, consider your height, style and wardrobe, so that the new pants match the appropriate clothes. You will also find clothes that match the new pants in the Džinsu bāze, where, in addition to a wide jeans’ selection, you can find also various shirts, accessories and jackets. Jeans are unique because they can be worn with a wide variety of clothing sets and shoes. They look adorable even with sports shoes or high-heeled shoes, if they are matched with the right cut jeans.

The most difficult is to find suitable jeans for short ladies with wide hips. Many pants models have too long legs for owners of such proportions, but the Džinsu bāze offers a good solution for this – any pants purchased in the store can be cut free of charge. We will adjust the length of the pants for perfect fit. Our sewers will evaluate the length of the trousers and take accurate measurements to shorten the trousers to the required length. With the perfect length of the pants, you will have even more shoes options and the long pants will not trouble the everyday wear and will not wear out.

Mentioning the wear of jeans, džinsu bāze also have jeans for women with various decorative tears, fringes and embroidery. For example, very popular are jeans for women with lace embroidery which gives additional elegance and femininity, as well as trousers with faded lines that visually slide the legs and highlight the figure. If you want to complement the wardrobe not only with a beautiful pair of trousers, denim jackets, windbreakers, shorts, blouses and other clothes are also available on site to match the new pair of jeans with a full set of clothes.

Two pairs of trousers will always be better than one for women, that’s why ladies appreciate if they can find not only beautiful clothes, but also the lowest prices in Riga, to afford more in one purchase. Our company “Džinsu bāze” is an ideal place for women who love denim clothing – here you will find everything you need, and at very friendly prices. Jeans are clothes in which you can invest safely as they will be relevant in 10, 50 and more years.