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We offer high quality clothing repairs at very low prices, we provide sewing services according to individual orders.
Clothing repair
  1. Re-sew pants (women's, jeans) €6.00 - 8.00
  2. Re-sew pants (men with ribbon) €8.00
  3. Re-sew the skirt €6.00 - 15.00
  4. Re-sew jacket (bottom no slice) €15.00
  5. Re-sew jacket (bottom with slice) €20.00
  6. Re-sew jacket sleeves (bottom no slice) €14.00
  7. Re-sew the whole jacket (sleeves + bottom) €30.00
  8. Re-sew jacket sleeves (bottom with slice) €20.00
  9. Re-sew the bottom of the coat no €25.00
  10. Re-sew pants by size €7.00 - 15.00
Relpacing the zipper
  1. Trousers, skirts, jeans €7.50
  2. Pants with decorative embroidery (colored) €8.50
  3. Dress €8.50
  4. Children's jacket (depends on the length of the zipper and buttons) €13.00 - 15.00
  5. Men-women's jacket (depends on the length of the zipper) €25.00 - 45.00
Sleeves shortening
  1. Blouse / shirt (without slice, with sleeve) €12.00
  2. Blouse / shirt (with a slice and sleeve) €18.00
  3. Jacket (with sleeve and slice) €30.00
  4. Men's jacket (with slice) €30.00
  5. Coat with slice €35.00
  6. Coat (without slice) €25.00
Repair of Knitwear
  1. Re-sew the bottom of the sleeves €6.00
  2. Re-sew the bottom of the products €8.00
  3. Re-sew pants bottom €7.00
  4. Re-sew pants by size no €10.00
  5. Make a knit liner for pregnant women’s jeans (belt) €20.00
  6. Trouser fastening (mostly jeans) €5.50/1 caurums
  7. Re-sew the shirt sides €9.00 - 20.00
  8. Skirt liner replacement (price without lining material) no €17.00
  9. Pocket replacement (any) €10.00
  10. Button sewing €1.00 /gab.
  11. Button sewing for coat/jacket €2.00 /gab.
  12. Button sewing for fur €3.00 /gab.
  13. Create a loop (any size) €2.00 / m
  14. Replace zipper €3.50 /gab.
  15. Machine or overlock stitch €1.00 / m
Sewing and shortening of curtains and other fabric products
  1. Night curtains €1.00 / m
  2. Cutting one curtain €5.00
Prices include PVN 21%
Raw materials are not included in the price! Izejmateriāli nav iekļauti cenā!

Sewing workshop

Even though nowadays you can buy everything in clothing stores – from comfortable and practical everyday clothes to extravagant festive outfits for different tastes, it should be taken into account that most of them are mass products that are not adapted to any individual characteristics.

People usually turn to tailors when they need clothing mended, such as a broken zipper or a tear in their favorite dress. However, the desire to adapt clothes to your figure is also one of the reasons for using tailoring services.

Seamstress services are useful when it is difficult to find suitable clothing on store shelves due to non-standard height parameters. One of the options is, of course, clothing repair, which can be useful if the clothes found in the store fit perfectly in the shoulders, hips, but not in the length or waist. Then it is adjusted as needed, for example by shortening the legs of the trousers or making the dress narrower at the waist.

“Jinsu bāze” is not only a clothing store where you will find clothes that suit you. It is also a sewing salon, where you can have clothes tailored just for you! If the chosen dream dress, pants or jacket is too long or a little too big, entrust it to the masters of our sewing atelier and realize your idea of a wardrobe addition you like.

We offer more than just clothing repair. Available sewing services will also be useful if you plan to improve your home and need, for example, new curtains, a bed cover or any other element that will give the room a cozy and special atmosphere, but they do not fit in terms of size. Here it is possible to modify already purchased curtains, for example by adjusting the dimensions, sewing ribbons to prevent them from unrolling and ensure a great look.

By choosing the services of a knowledgeable seamstress, you can be sure that the result will satisfy you. The tailor, after learning about your wishes, will advise on the best solutions for choosing clothing adjustments.

It should be taken into account that not everything that looks good on the model in the photo will also look good on you, because each height type has its own characteristics, which should be taken into account both when buying and repairing clothes. In order for the clothing that was individually adjusted for you to fit well into your wardrobe and become one of your favorite clothes, it is important to listen to the recommendations of a professional, which may even mean changing the original idea with which you went to the seamstress.

At the jeans base, we offer democratic prices, useful advice from tailors and fast service, helping to realize all kinds of ideas. Tailoring services are a great way to customize clothing to fit you. Quality clothing will last for many years, allowing you to save money in the long run. Realize your ideas together with our knowledgeable specialists!

We carry out clothing repairs, re-stitching, alterations of various degrees of complexity. We change zippers, buttons, patch and resize clothes.

We also offer sewing services. We sew a variety of fabrics, shorten aprons, shorten suit pants and more.

Our craftsmen have more than 20 years of experience, come to us and you will not regret it.

For more information, call - 28 794 360.

We are located in Ågenskaln, Riga, Slokas Street 2B. Džinsu Bāze store is open throughout the week. Working hours on weekdays are from 10 - 18 and on holidays from 11 - 17. We accept orders throughout the week during the mentioned working hours, while our seamstresses work from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive.

Our masters have more than 20 years of experience, come to us and you will not regret it.

For more information, call - 28 794 360.

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